Sunday, May 07, 2006

TRIVIA: Nacho Grande

The next time I order something Nacho-ish, I might be asking for this colored variation on a famous men's scent. Here's a pic to give you a little help:

What scent am I referring to?


katiedid said...

My guess is Polo Blue or Polo Black. Cheesy and colorful, so it HAS to be one of them, right?

Admittedly, if I were going for cheese, I'd try out Extreme Polo Sport. Mostly because I don't know what extreme polo is. Do the horses wear spikes? Do they all just play naked? Is it played in busy highway traffic instead of on a grassy field? I want to know what this phenomenon of extreme polo is all about.

marlen said...

Katie - good job, Nacho is the current face of Polo Black for Men!