Sunday, May 07, 2006

FOR THE HOME: Caldrea, Rose and Pink Peppercorn

What is it? A rose and pink peppercorn room and linen spray accented with coconut and sandalwood. Essential oils of rose, pepper, mandarin and clove.
Why should I buy it? Reminds me of Chantecaille's Wisteria fragrance oddly enough, but this is a wonderful soft and spicy rose aroma - more like fresh petals than grandma's perfume.

Where can I buy it? $15.50 for 4 oz non-aerosol spray at

The Bottom Line: I bought mine on sale at Nordstrom's for about $6, so keep those eyes peeled! I wish the aroma had greater longevity, but I love the aroma so much, I don't really mind. I also sprayed it on towels and linens.

Rating (out of 10): 7
Decants available, email me!
What's your favorite rose-scented product for the home?

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