Saturday, May 13, 2006

ASK MARLEN: A stack of boxes


Do you throw away your perfume boxes? I've just started this addiction and trust most of your reviews. I'm hooked.


Dear N,

Ya know, I don't keep the boxes in general, unless I think I might give the scent away as a gift or in a swap. So I'd say that 75% of my scents don't have boxes. Yes, keeping the fragrance in the box can protect it from heat and light which can both lead to the breakdown and early "spoiling" of your fragrance, but it's also a pain in the ass to take a scent out of its box every time I want to spray it or decant it. It's probably a good idea to keep fragances in boxes, but I'm far too lazy.

Hope this helps!

"To keep or not to keep" boxes...that is today's question.


tmp00 said...

I keep mine in the box- it takes about 2 extra seconds to extract them from there, and I think it helps them to last a lot longer. I also keep them in a closet in the center of my place , which is always cool and dark. Some I will decant into smaller bottles which I keep on my dressing table and refill. It's a little more work, but these scents are not cheap (and even if some of them are, why not keep them at their best?); I don't just throw a cashmere sweater into the wash with my socks and jeans, or throw my iPod and phone into my bag with my keys and change.

marlen said...

wow - go you! I keep certain scents in their boxes, like my Acqua di Parma and Magie, but overall...I can't be bothered...

ninamichaela said...

Thanks for your thoughts on this guys I really appreaciate it.

It's maybe because im new to this that's why im too careful with them. Just like when i was new to my shoe addiction i used to keep them in boxes. But I find them too pretty to be in prisoned in those boxes. And yeah I like seeing them every single day when I wake up.

Oh well i like the bottles more than the boxes really.

Is there ever a cure to this addiction?

Just this payday i bought 6 bottles without ever sniffing any of them before and just trusting your reviews.

But i think i made good choices.

Thank you guys,

(singing to K choice's "not an addict")