Saturday, May 13, 2006

Holy, Mother! Part IV: Cartier Must pour Femme (1981)

#2) Not sure how Mom stumbled onto this one, but it became her signature scent for a while. She loved the powdery vanilla finish and bright floral topnotes. More than likely, I had bought it for myself, she commented on how great it was, and once again, I gave her my bottle.

MUSTde Cartier pour Femme

Notes: Galbanum, Mandarin, Neroli, Rose, Jasmine, Daffodil, Amber, Vetiver, Patchouli, Vanilla, and Tonka bean.

Pros: A beautiful green oriental with an almost grassy tone to the topnotes, and sweet amber-vanilla basenotes.

Cons: None

Reminds me of: In the style of Safari (green oriental) and L'Instant (ambery oriental).

Where can I buy it? $35.95 for a 50 ml edt spray at

The Bottom Line: The current rendition of Must is truly a must-try for those who love vanilla and amber orientals. Having always dismissed it, a sales associate at Neimans sneaked a bottle over to the counter where I was sniffing and it was love at first encounter. Long before the men's counterpart launched, I myself wore Must and still do - the pure perfume is magnificent. On Mom's skin, the green topnotes are subdued and the powdery basenotes take centerstage. Definitely one of the classics of the last 25 years.

Rating (out of 10): 9

Is there a scent that both you and Mom enjoy wearing?


Anya said...

For this Mother's day, I got some vintage Femme on Ebay, kept the perfume spray for myself, gave her the EdT spray, since she likes more sharp diffusiveness.

marlen said...

still need to spend some time with this classic!

ninamichaela said...

Estee Lauder White Linen > I dont know if she knew this but i used to sneak in her dresser to spray this on me. Love it. I feel so beautiful when I wear this.