Sunday, April 16, 2006

REVIEW: Tommy Hilfilger, Tommy T for Men

Notes: Orange, bachu, rosemary, Cedar Wood and Musk.

Pros: Just the kind of thing you want to spray on as you're out the door to the beach or gym.

Cons: Not terribly original or longlasting; what the Hell is bachu?

Reminds me of: Moschino Friends for Men, CK One Summer 2005, Paco Rabanne Energy, need I go on?

Development: Non-existent.

Longevity: Average to poor.

Sillage: Not bad...I get faint whiffs of it after a couple of hours, though skin presence is minimal.

Where can I buy it? $34.89 for a 100ml edt spray at

Bottleworthy? No, not really...

The Bottom Line: I heard a lot of hype and swapped blindly for this, imagining it to be another fresh, clean, fabric softener type of scent that smelled like freshly washed linens. Well, yes it is clean and fresh, but disappointing in its medicority. Of course, it is a Tommy fragrance, but I thought the first two releases from Tommy Hilfilger were actually pretty good - Tommy and Tommy Girl. For $35, it's not gonna break the bank for a summer fragrance, but there are certainly more interesting scents available. I'll pass and see if I can find this one a good home. Pleasant and easy-to-wear, but boring. Tomorrow - Tommy T for Women.

Rating (out of 10): 5

What's you casual, going food shopping, going to the fitness center type of scent?


zsm said...

My casual scent is Mugler Cologne... perfect for virtually anything. I find it a LOT better than any of the other scents of its type that are on the market.

Marlen, since I know that it's one of your favorites, too, could you write one of your fabulous reviews for it? You could even do a double-take review and add a mini-review of the also-fabulous shower gel!

Mark said...

I think Polo Blue fits the bill for me when I want a very casual fragrance. But now, Marc Jacobs Grass is slowly taking it's place.

marlen said...

zsm - I do enjoy Cologne, but haven't worn it in a while as I shipped it to my new home in PA and I'm in Florida now. I'd be happy to grab a tester next time I'm at Bloomies and do a quick review for ya!

marlen said...

Mrk - I was off to the mall today to smell everything new and exciting - we now have a Sephora, Niemans, Saks, Macy's, Bloomies, Nordies and Crabtree and Evelyn all in one mall. But then I twisted my ankle on my dad's boat yesterday and so the mall is a week away now...Vey excited about the new MJ scents.