Thursday, April 20, 2006

REVIEW: Cologne Mugler

Notes: Bergamot, Neroli, Petitgrain, Orange flower, White Musk, Secret Note

Pros: Light, fresh, unisex, good longevity.

Cons: There's an odd musty note that pokes its ugly head out now and then, but I don't really mind it so much...

Reminds me of: Well, I know this gets compared to 4711, and I should add that Creed's Original Vetiver and Jasper Conran Man both smell strikingly similar as well.

Development: Very little development, as the citrus fades, the white musk opens.

Longevity: Pretty good - seems to stay with me about 5-6 hours.Sillage: Considering how often I receve compliments on this, the sillage must be pretty good.

Where can I buy it? $29.95 for a 4.1 oz tester at

Bottleworthy? Definitely, a must-try, and at the price above, totally worth it! A decant just won't be enough.

The Bottom Line: An incredible unisex cologne, refreshing, light, comforting and perfect for anytime of year. The highlight of this scent in my humble opinion is the combination of neroli and white musk - comfort in a bottle. Though there are other scents that smell similar, I'll stick with my original favorite, Cologne Mugler.

Rating (out of 10): 8.5

What's your favorite "cologne"?


dinazad said...

I love this. It gives you that "fresh-out-of-the-shower" scent and feel, no matter how hot and humid it is, no matter how many hours you've spent cooped up in an overheated car/bus/train.... Remarkably long-lasting for a cologne! And it's so fresh and non-perfumey that even a fragrance-phobic cooped up right beside you in that selfsame car/bus/train is not offended (believe me, I've tried it!)... And as an extra-special bonus, it smells of freshly cut grass on me... :-D!

Anya said...

One of my all-time favorites for all the reasons you note, Marlen. I do not detect the "white musk" much, to me it seems "white soap". I once read that Mugler based this on a 14th century soap recipe. It does not have any staying power on me in the hot months here, and reading this review this morning makes me realize I've got to use it while I can, so I'm going to wear it to an all-day seminar today. It's so totally clean and inoffensive and yes, there is that comfort level with it.

Hard to believe it's from the same man who gave us -choke- Angel. This was the cologne from the good twin, his evil twin created Angel! LOL.

Kathy said...

I love this one too along with D&G Feminine for the summer heat. Mugler Cologne smells like soap on me - and that's a good thing! The D&G also reminds me of soap, and I don't feel like I'm overpowering anyone in the South Carolina humidity when I wear it or Cologne.

Love your site :)

zsm said...

Another "thumbs up" vote for Mugler Cologne here. Actually, it's my scent of the day.

You might want to try the body products for it if you haven't already, too. The bar soap is amazing, as is the shower gel. The lotion is great, too, anmd the deodorant stick is one of the few non-aluminum deodorants that actually works on me.

BTW, has anyone noticed slight similarities to Mugler Cologne, Bvlgari PH, and D&G Light Blue in the new Versace Man Eau Fraiche?

Mark said...

favorite cologne, huh?

well, technically I fell in love with Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermes long before they released the eau de toilette so that would probably have to be it.

I like Acqua di Parma and currently, I just flipped for the Tommy Bahama for men which on the box says Cologne but it's wearing like an EDT on me and I'm wondering if it really is an EDT but says cologne.