Friday, April 21, 2006

REVIEW: Grabazzi

Notes: Pepper, Carnation, Citrus, Lavender, Jasmine, Colaberry, Musk, Bergamot, Lime, Leather, Lilac

Pros: A more dynamic scent than its predecessor, Gendarme, with brighter citrus and pepper notes.

Cons: Might remind some of their favorite baby shampoo.

Reminds me of: My favorite baby shampoo. I think it was Avon and it had a deer on the bottle and I used to stare at the "oz" for ounces and wonder if it had something to do with Dorothy and her friends, but that's another story; SMN Muschio Oro (Gold Musk); Barber Shop talc.

Development: This one does some changing, starting off similar to a classic gold musk, then slowly opening to reveal the citrus and lime. It than reverts back to its musk base before moving to the florals and finally settling back into a golden musk again.

Longevity: Pretty good - put it on at around 8am and it was still going strong around 3pm.

Sillage: I was very aware of my fragrance throughout the morning prompting me to wonder if perhaps the scent had a little too much projection.

Where can I buy it? Try a sample for $.99 at or buy the 4 oz bottle for $65

Bottleworthy? Definitely try before you buy and keep your eyes open for the 2 oz bottle for $45.

The Bottom Line: Not really a variation on Gendarme, but a similar approach and style. I like it. I like that it reminds me of my baby shampoo. I like the gold musk in the base. I like the simple packaging. Not quite as sharp as typical gold musk oils or SMN Muschio Oro. The smaller bottle isn't currently listed on the site, but I know its available on the internet should you wanna go for the 2 oz for around $45 vs the 4 oz at $65.

Rating (out of 10): 7

Is there a specific bath or body product that you wish also came as a fragrance?

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castorpollux said...

Can someone make Nivea's All Day Aqua and Creme d'Energie into 2 scents, pretty please? It is well known that some female creams have better scents than actual perfumes...the list is long!
and on a different note, i would also like to see York's peppermint patty made into a scent...not a body product at all but i just love it!