Thursday, April 20, 2006

BATH AND BODY: Bigelow Almond Shower Gel

What is it? "Our skin-refreshing, body cleanser provides a rich creamy lather while effectively cleansing the skin. With the addition of super-concentrated Aloe Vera, skin feels soft, clean and conditioned. Almond Extract 2% Aloe Concentrate .5%" A bath and shower gel with a wonderful aroma of toasted almond.

Why should I buy it? I've been searching for an inexpensive, true-to-the-almond scented shower gel. A clean layer of almond makes a great accent to many of summer's citrus scents. Bath and Body Works currently has a "4 minis for $10 special." I bought the Orange Blossom body cream, the Lavender and Acacia body milk, an Amber and Myrh lotion and the Bigelow Almond Shower gel. Anyhow, the Bigelow mini is a decent size - 2 ozs - and I was surprised how wonderful the scent is.

Where can I buy it? $13 for 10 ozs at

The Bottom Line: With a flip-top dispenser and a reasonable price-tag, Bigelow's almond shower gel is a must try for almond lovers. Decent suds and a great toasted almond aroma make this shower gel a gem of a find.

Rating (out of 10): 8

What's your favorite almond-scented product?

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Kathy said...

I went through an intense almond phase a while back, and I still love the scent. Some of my favorites are Mathias Bitter Almond, Caron Farnesiana, ETRO Heliotrope, Scentsational Marzipan, Mazzolari Alessandro (I whish that I could afford a whole bottle), Ava-Aromatics Amande Sucre and Heliotrope - the list could go on! I'd love to hear if anyone has tried Cote Bastide Coton et Amande because I can't find out anything about that one. There are a lot of good almond fragrances out there from the dry to the toothache sweet.

I'll have to try the Bigelow soon.