Friday, April 21, 2006

BATH AND BODY: Le Couvent des Minimes, Orange Blossom Body Cream

What is it? "Combines concentrated Mediterranean orange blossom extracts with deeply hydrating grapeseed oil to create a silky, nourishing cream that leaves your skin soft, moisturized and smooth." A lightweight cream in a jar that goes on easily and leaves an incredible, subtle aroma of orange blossom.

Why should I buy it?
Bath and Body Works currently has a "4 minis for $10 special." I bought the Orange Blossom body cream, the Lavender and Acacia body milk, an Amber and Myrh lotion, and an Almond shower gel. Anyhow, the OB mini is not quite so small - 1.7 ozs - and I was surprised how non-greasy the product is and how subtle the scent is.Where can I buy it? $28 for 8.8 ozs at

The Bottom Line: Encouraged by another blogger's review of this product (
see Victoria's Own), I decided to seek out this wonderful line and liked the body cream better than the edt. Perfect to layer with your favorite orange blossom scents like Cologne Mugler, Rochas Lui, or Czech and Speake Neroli, this moisturizing cream will leave skin soft, smell great and as a little goes a long way, will likely last you forever.

Rating (out of 10): 7

What's your favorite orange blossom-scented product?


katiedid said...

heh heh - you too succumbed to Victoria's will I see. She actually was just going to send me a Sweet Tea sample, but she dropped a sample of this in too, and forced my hand - it's a must own lotion I think.

castorpollux said...

Virtually everything i have tested that has some orange blosson, i have liked! so i guess that would be one of my favortite ingredients: 24Faubourg, original and delicàt, chinatown, eau parfumée au thé vert, cologne blanche, aqua allegoria flora nerolia, un jardin en mediteranée, yardley's orange blossom, etc etc...with the huge exception of LeMale: yuck! go away!