Wednesday, April 19, 2006

EVENTS: New fragrance launches and packaging!

Release dates listed in Nordstrom's Fine Fragrances 2006 event calendar:
April 3 - Armani, Code for Women
April 14 - Michael Kors, Fiji (Island)
April 21 - Gucci, Envy Me II
April 21 - Nanette Lepore, Shanghai Butterfly
May 5 - Patou, Sirra des Indes (already in stores)
May 19 - Boss, Selection
May 26 - Valentino Homme
June 2 - Blue Sugar
June 9 - Calvin Klein, Euphoria for Men
Additional information:

  • Bvlgari pour Homme has been repackaged, still the same old grey, but a slightly new look.
  • Burberry's for Men (the older one in the red box with plaid striping at bottom) has a new modern-looking metallic, burgundy sleeve that slides over the old box - clever way to create a new look for an old scent!
  • The Boucheron summer scents are now available, love the beautiful blue men's Boucheron bottle.
  • CK One Summer 2006 is ready to launch. The composition includes notes of melon, peach, and musk and is housed in a blue and yellowish-green bottle. My favorite of the variations so far.
  • Eternity Summer has new decals on the bottles this year, but the juice is the same as last year's.
  • Versace Man has launched an Eau Fraiche version.
  • Anthony Logistics has launched a line of 4 fragrant body sprays: Energy, Courage, Spirit and Strength. Look for a review coming soon!
  • At Sephora, Lotto Man and Everlast Original 1910 are on the shelves.
  • Burberry London for Men is rumored to launch this summer - or will it merely be a relaunch of the older Burberry Men scent?
  • Don't forget to sniff the new (and boring) CSP Vanilla Citrus at Sephora, Missoni for Women, Creed Home fragrances, and L'Artisan Mandarin Tout Simplement at Niemans; Goutal's Songes (save me from the evil cumin) at Saks.
  • L'Occitane is launching their new The Vert au Jasmin to compliment their recent The Vert a la Menthe this week.


zsm said...

How could you forget the long-awaited US launch of Gaultier2! It should be either later this month or in early May at Sephora and Bloomingdale's, which will be the only stores carrying it until fall when it hits Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, and the like. Can't wait!

OTOH, the Valentino V Pour Homme, the Aquolina Blue Sugar, and the Euphoria for Men sound like they might be worth a try. And Versace Man Eau Fraiche is already everywhere here in Fort Wayne.

Victoria said...

Blue Sugar? Humm. What have you heard of this one?

marlen said...

zsm - I didn't forget it, but it launched months ago in Japan. Now that you mention it, I did remark to myself that it was curious it hadn't yet launched in any of the stores I visited. Anyhow, I had a bottle and swapped it away and wonder if the scent will ride the success train of longevity...uber-sweet and cloying.

marlen said...

v - haven't heard much about it yet, someone had wondered if it would be a men's scent...though I doubt it...

Kim said...

Marlen, I am really wanting to smell the new Patou. Have you tried it yet?