Tuesday, April 18, 2006

REVIEW: Bond 9, Great Jones

Notes: Italian Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood, Cardamom, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Musk

Pros: One of the lesser known Bond 9 scents, though I have no idea why....Wonderful blend of moss and citrus with a fresh airy quality juxtaposed against rich earthy tones. Stunning.

Cons: Afterall, it IS a Bond 9 scent, the pricetag is a bit steep.

Reminds me of: This is an older scent, more mature than say, New Haarlem. This scent is also a bit conservative, no outlandish notes here, no suprises. Can't really think of anything to compare this to. Maybe Molinard's Rafale?

Development: Doesn't really develop much, only relaxes.

Longevity: Not bad, 4-5 hours on my skin.

Sillage: Pretty good, I can actually smell myself....I wonder if that spells "too loud" for others?

Where can I buy it? $105 for a 50 ml spray, or $168 for a 100 ml spray at SaksFifthAvenue.com

Bottleworthy? Another one to add to the Father's Day list...that is, only if Dad would appreciate it...

The Bottom Line: I only bought this from a friend because I figured it would have good swap value, I hadn't imagined actually liking it. But now that I have it and I'm testing it, holy crap did I make a good choice. I love this stuff! Warm and wonderful with an almost coffee-like aroma, but also retaining light, fresh citrus overtones, Great Jones is one of the biggest surprises yet from Bond. The drydown is a musk-vetiver-moss trio that pretty much defines the entire composition. Cedar creates an accent in the midnotes and surprisingly, the citrus top is subtler than I had imagined.

Located in downtown Manhattan, one block from Bond and Bleecker Streets and near NYU, I'm not exactly sure that this is what I would have thought of for Great Jones Street, but nonetheless, I'm gonna suggest that this is a must try for those interested in exploring Bond 9 fragrances.

Rating (out of 10): 7

Which Bond scent took you by surprise?


Mark said...

Nouveau Bowery is my favorite from the line. I LOVE it. It's described as the perfume for non-conformists and thats me. Sort of the anti-perfume perfume. I adore it. And now is getting to be that time for it.

marlen said...

Ya know, I'm sure I tried it, but I can't place it in my memory...I may have hated that one...or mabe that was West Broadway...not that I hated many...but...maybe its better that I can't remember?

MarkDavid said...

Yeah, really - there isn't a fragrance from Bond that I wouldn't deep down inside not want to own. Except maybe Little Italy. Of course I have my favorites. Though I was very disappointed by The Hamptons because it smelled just like Silver Mountain Water, but I imagine it's a big seller. Even with that said, give me a bottle and I'll take it and I'll wear it, you know? I know you know.