Saturday, April 22, 2006

REVIEW: Geir by Geir Ness

Notes: Sadly, the exact composition is kept a secret.

Pros: Completely unique; fresh and green yet sweet and warm, a very appealing and versatile fragrance.

Cons: None.

Reminds me of: Geir is incomparable, but if I had to select other scents that I personally feel could share a category with Geir, how 'bout Kenzo pour Homme (same wonderful green mossy notes) and Eau de Monteil (same dewy sweet plant and leaf essences)?

Development: There's very little development in Geir as the entire composition is so well-blended, no single note really stands apart.

Longevity: Excellent - it's an EDP concentration.

Sillage: Also, excellent. I've received numerous compliments while wearing this.

Where can I buy it: $45 for a 50ml edt spray; $65 for a 100ml edt spray at

Bottleworthy: Definitely. Without a doubt.

The Bottom Line: When I first smelled Geir in 2001, I didn't really care for it, but after receiving and testing a sample, and having the chance to do more than just spray it on my wrist, I quickly fell in love with this scent of the "crisp Norwegian mountains, blended with herbs, wetwood and natural oils." An airy green scent, with a wonderfully smooth and aromatic core, this has to be one of the most unusual aromas I've had the pleasure of discovering in men's perfumery. One of my favorite compliments was when my friend Margo exclaimed "What is that smell? Someone just smells amazing! It's like sex!" I happily volunteered my right arm, and alas, it was me.

Rating (out of 10): 10

What's your "smells like sex" scent?


Mark said...

Yes yes yes! I LOVE GEIR. I bought this at the Norway Pavillion in EPCOT Center in 2000. I've inspired many people to purchase this scent, a lot of my girlfriends immediately went out and bought it for their boyfriends after smelling it on me. It's phenomenal.

My sex scent - hmm - I had a boyfriend who loved, surprisingly enough, Amouage Dia on me.

Flora said...

Hi Marlen,

Geir sounds just marvelous, and the picture of him at BeautyCafe isn't too bad either. :-D

For me I guess it would have to be Datura Noir, which I am starting to think I should not even wear to work, it is so naughty. Its swampy decadence evokes hot summer nights better than any other perfume I know.

Another one is Parfum Sacre; with a name like that you would not think it is a "sexy" fragrance, yet it is very erotic to me. It lacks the Cat On A Hot Tin Roof vibe of Datura Noir, but something about it is forbidden and dangerous, like vampire love.

castorpollux said...

I love the very end of the drydown of Egoiste Platinum, it's very sexual to me....and i have been told that fahrenheit smells like an aphrodisiac on me but i wouldn't call it sexual...

lilyofbp said...

My husband, who is not very good at differentiating perfumes ("it smells like. . .perfume" is one of his favorite comments) can instantly recognize Musc Ravageur on me. He calls it "the sexy one"--and it is, is!

Rob said...

Musc Ravageur it the obvious choice. I also think Eau d'Hermes smells very sexy, with that warm sweaty skin quality.

Sali said...

Sex scents: Musc Ravageur, Le Labo Jasmin 17, Schiaparelli Shocking, Vivienne Westwood Boudoir. Of these, my favorites are the two by Maurice Roucel, "my" perfumer (in that I so often love his (and his teams') creations.