Thursday, June 01, 2006

ASK MARLEN: Three more?

Hi Marlen,

My name is J and I was wondering if you could make some suggestions for me? I've read alot of your reviews and Addicted column (the Singapore one had me rolling) and I've made 2 blind buys per your Basenotes reviews - both were spot on: Armand Basi and Roma Uomo. So, if I were going to own say 3 fragrances, all different but distinct, which ones would you suggest?

Thanks for your time,
Hi J,

I'm happy you've enjoyed the writing and the recommendations, thanks for reading! Ok, here are some ideas:

1) If you wanted to stay in the same family, masculine orientals, here are 3 of my other favorites:

2) If you wanted to expand and add some other styles of fragrance to your wardrobe, how about these?


Fresh Aromatic

Masculine Floral



Green Fougere

Ok, hope this gives you a starting point. Be sure to read the comments for each review as there may be some valuable suggestions from other readers there!


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