Thursday, June 01, 2006

CONTEST: June is Montale Madness month

What is it? A new contest for the month of June!

What can I win? 10 ml decants of Montale's Patchouli Leaves or Oud Cuir d'Arabie; assorted samples of Montale fragrances.

What should I do? Visit the new site for and join their mailing list. Suravi is an exclusive fragrance boutique in Tampa, Florida that sells the best niche and hard-to-find fragrances including Sali Oguri Pink Manhattan (coming soon!!!), Miller Harris, Carthusia, John Mac Steed, New West, Beth Terry of Creative Universe, Montale, Amouage, Jean Pascal of Colombia (Basenotes interview coming soon!) and so much more! Suravi has graciously agreed to donate Montale products and to offer unique discounts to Scenteur7 readers - thank you, Suravi!

JUST CLICK HERE and complete the secure online application. Your information will NOT be shared and you will not be solicited. By completing this form, you will be eligible for other great prizes and giveaways, and will be entitled to receive discounts on your favorite perfumes just by being a Scenteur7 reader!

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include the following in the comments section at Suravi:

Scenteur7 Montale Contest

When will I know if I won? Up to 5 winners will be announced on July 1st when both Suravi and Scenteur7 unvail their new websites.

Have fun exploring and stay tuned for new Montale reviews throughout the month of June at Scenteur7 and NowSmellThis!


shifts said...

I can't wait to read the reviews. Good timing here since I just got some Montale samples a few days ago, wearing Black Aoud as shown in the picture above.

Actually, I meant to write and ask you a question about one of the Montales, and I guess this could be a good time. I really love their Wood & Spices, but it drives both me and my partner crazy when we can't figure out what it reminds us of. Have you noticed a close resemblance to something else (not sure it is even a fragrance)?

marlen said...

Done! You can read some more info about Wood and Spices HERE:

Thanks, Martin!