Tuesday, March 07, 2006

REVIEW: Trophee Lancome

Notes: Lemon, Basil, Lime, Petitgrain, Patchouli, Bay, Cedar, Jasmine, Musk, Amber, Labdanum, Tonka

Pros: Rich, green aroma, the scent of a freshly mown golfcourse.

Cons: Can't think of any.

Development: With a fresh blast of sweet basil and tart lime in the opening, toned by petitgrain and jasmine, the scent, seamlessly blended, eventually dries with warmer accents of cedar, labdanum and bay.

Longevity: Excellent, a good 6-8 hours on my skin.

Sillage: Enough to make a presence, but not overwhelming.

Reminds me of: Sisley Eau de Campagne; Diptyque Virgilio

Where can I buy it? $29.95 for a 100ml edt spray at BigDiscount.com

Bottleworthy: Absolutely, and something for the ladies to look into as well!

The Bottom Line: A somewhat forgotten gem from Lancome, and usually overlooked by women, Trophee Lancome was a 1982 homage to the Trophee Lancome Golf Tournament. It's no wonder then that this scent is a smashing blend of leafy greens, along the lines of Sisley Eau de Campagne, but without the tomato leaf notes. Though not as bitter as Virgilio, the two scents share the same somewhat salad-ish effect, but I think Trophee does a much better job. To my nose, it's hard to find a better green scent, and one that could more easily be a good unisex fragrance.

Rating (out of 10): 8

What's your favorite leafy green fragrance?


Kelley said...

My favorite "green" scent would have to be Premier Figuier by L'artisan. Not very salad-y or even fruit salad-y smelling but...very green. I love it and it lasts a long time on my skin.

Mark said...

I'm glad you reviewed this because it's on my to-try list. Though I'm almost sure I'll like it and I have the urge to order unsniffed. Is your bottle an original or from the recent re-release??

And thats a great discount site, too, some of their prices are really good. I'm pretty sure thats the only site that has Trophee, I've looked for it before and couldn't find it.


marlen said...

kelley - I find Premier Figuier too be much more about fig leaf and sandalwood and don't think of it as a green scent at all...well, ok, maybe a khaki or olive...

marlen said...

Mark - you'll find this one at Imagination and a few others...I have a current (fresh) bottle and it neever fails to me amaze me that this isn't more popular. Lancome seriously needs to re-bottle, re-package, and re-launch this one!