Thursday, June 01, 2006

ASK MARLEN: Brun and Basileus

Hi Marlen -

Before anything else, I wanted to say I truly enjoy reading your blog and your reviews on Basenotes. Your posts are articluate, sometimes humorous, but always informative.

The real reason for my email is twofold. First, I was wondering if you still had decants of The Brun available? Secondly, have you had a chance to smell Basileus or Paris Tour Eiffel by Rene Laruelle? If you have, I'd certainly appreciate hearing your opinions.

Rene and I exchanged several emails late last year about both fragrances but I have yet to smell either one.

Hey Buzz,

In fact, I do still have decants available of The Brun and I sent you a separate email about prices.

As for Basileus and Paris Tour Eiffel, I have tried only the former and have a bottle of it. It is a very classic, 80's style scent with a clean, almost soapy edge. I'll be posting a full review of it in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned! I have also tried Basier de Soie, Le Jardin des Floralies, and his newest, the 2006 release, Calame (my personal favorite). Reviews of these are also coming soon!

Thanks for reading and posting!

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