Monday, May 01, 2006

REVIEW: Eadward Fragrances, Belle

Notes: Mimosa, peach blossom, floral notes.

Pros: I fell in love with this at first sniff...somewhere between fabric softener freshness, and a Houbigant floral.

Cons: Linear, without much development.

Reminds me of: Houbigant Demi-Jour; Chloe.

Development: none

Longevity: Superb, lasted a good 6 hours on me.

Sillage: Also, superb! I was immediately asked what I was wearing and complimented after applying.

Where can I buy it? $28 for 2 oz spray at

Bottleworthy? If you ever loved Demi-Jour or Chloe, or are a fan of the fabric softener fad, this one's for you!

The Bottom Line: Another winner from our friends at Eadward. I'm enjoying this range immensely (see my review for Tranquil) and Belle was a true surprise. Having always loved the scent of peach blossom and tea roses in Houbigant's long forgotten Demi-Jour, imagine my shock when I first sniffed Belle - no, they aren't exactly the same, but the memories come flooding back. A sweet, fresh aroma with soft powdery floral undertones, this one never really treads into traditional floral territory, but hovers on the verge of a unisex "clean" scent.

Rating (out of 10): 7
Decants available, email me!
What newer scents are your replacements for long lost ones?

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