Wednesday, May 03, 2006

REVIEW: Molinard, Vaniteck

Notes: Bitter orange, lemon, mastic tree, mint, vanilla, sage, cypress, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, heliotrope.

Pros: One of the most unusual vanilla fragrances I've yet to encounter; the lovechild of Chanel Antaeus & Benetton Colors.

Cons: There's an odd note reminiscent of late 70's men's colognes that rears its ancient head from time to time.

Reminds me of: Slightly reminiscent of de Nicolai's Vanille Tonka; Versace Black Jeans combined with Versace White Jeans.

Development: As the scent develops, the citrus calms and the earthier notes take over, finally drying down to vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver with a hint of patchouli.

Longevity: Applied at 9pm, I could still smell the vanilla lingering at 9am the next morning.

Sillage: I was definitely aware of my own fragrance throughout the evening...

Where can I buy it? $19.99 for a 3.4 oz edt spray at

Bottleworthy? For that price? Hell, yes.

The Bottom Line: Another winner from Molinard, home to some of the least expensive and most intriguing fragrances. Vaniteck, though part of the Les Masculins range of fragrances, a group of vintage-inspired men's scents, could easily have been created today as a unisex fragrance. An unusual scent with three distinct characters - fresh citrus, green herbs, and warm earthy tones - about an hour into the wearing, the scent melts together and leaves behind a sweet, unusual blend of vanilla. For something similar, but without the vanilla notes, check out Teck by Molinard.

Rating (out of 10): 7
Decants available, email me!
What's your favorite vanilla-based scent?

*Bottle pictured is Rafale. Vaniteck is housed in the same bottle and box.


castorpollux said...

I am a big Molinard fan, i like the Les eaux de Parfum (2005), they are simple, straightforward and,well, nice! they are not regarded in france as very haute perfumerie (along with fragonard and galimard) least among the people i know anyways and it's so unfair!
Thanks for the review! looking forward to try this one...somehow i passed it when i saw it...(?)

marlen said...

c - do try this and give Teck a try as well, a very similar composition without the vanilla.

Sali said...

Molinard Vanille is a favorite vanilla: bold, caramelly, mouthwatering, straight-up vanilla. I have so many vanilla-based favorites--I want it in almost everything. Le Labo Jasmin 17 has a light vanillic base--I'll go with that.