Tuesday, May 02, 2006

BARGAIN OF THE WEEK: Chopard, Madness

Notes: Pink peppercorn, kumquat, lychee rose, red hibiscus, wild red rose. Wooded base, cotton flower and rosewood.

50ml edt spray: Retail price $70; $11.90 at Perfumebay.com

The Bottom Line: A rich oriental, peppery, woody and highlighted with subtle rose tinges. Well-blended and long-lasting, this one has surprised quite a few of my friends with its near-unisex aroma, groovy red bottle and amazing price tag. Don't let those notes fool you, this is not a pretty furity-floral! One of Chopard's least successful fragrances, partially because I think this would have worked better as a CDG or Lutens scent, Madness is on its way out...better get yourself a bottle today! And at that price - Wow!

Decants available, email me!


marlen said...

I just bought two...anyone other takers?

ninamichaela said...

I have Wish by Chopard. One of First Fragrances that got me into this addiction. I think not a lot of people like it.

Which exactly what i want.

And yeah ( is this a sin ?) I bought it on sale and based on the reviews.

I heard smells like TM's Angel.

I like chocolates and vanilla.

So bought it. Lovely Blue Diamond Bottle.

Sali said...

I like Wish, too. It's not a favorite right now but when I discovered it, I thought it was my perfect sweet fragrance. I like chocolate and vanilla as well as florals with fruits. I even found the pure parfum mini when I couldn't locate the 0.33 fl oz. parfum anywhere.

I've always found the Madness bottle appealing but I can't remember what this one smelled like. I vaguely remember it resembling Hugo Deep Red. The notes sound great--very lush-sounding.