Thursday, May 04, 2006


click the pic to watch the video

This stuff needs to come with a second warning specifically for teenage boys:
Not to be used in place of actual bathing.


katiedid said...

Well I'll give them this: keep your nostrils shut, indeed. Sigh. On the upshot, I'm fairly sure my sweet little boys will continue to be perfume snobs when they're older, as they're already (almost) horrifyingly picky at their ripe old age of 7. And Dad got yelled at just the other day, "Daddy, you can't rub your wrists together like that! Mom says no!" Heh. They are very funny boys.

marlen said...

k - rotflmao...your kids must be a trip! I so need to come to your house!

Flora said...

I tried to watch this but my anti-spyware software blocked it due to possible risky content. :-(