Friday, February 24, 2006

REVIEW: Eadward, Tranquil

Notes: Sorry folks, the best I can do is this: "Inpsired by the fresh clean smell of cotton."

Pros: Light, fresh, long-lasting, INEXPENSIVE!

Cons: Might smell a little too much like laundry detergent (though this doesn't bother me in the least).

Reminds me of: Bounce dryer sheets, Original Scent; Body Shop Oceanus

Development: Well, starts off a bit aldehydic, but then mellows to a clean marine note.

Longevity: Surprisingly good - at least 12 hours on my skin...

Sillage: I've only ever worn it when by myself, so hard to tell, but I do catch whiffs of it quite often while wearing it.

Where can I buy it? $28 for a 60ml edt spray at

Bottleworthy? If you like to smell like you've just rolled out of a dryer, then yes, and at that price, definitely!

The Bottom Line: Eadward is a gem of a line, with an interesting variety of trend-inspired fragrances (white chocolate, marine, clean...). Oddly, they describe their products as "Fun fragrances for the contemporary woman." I'm insulted. Who they callin' a woman?

An inexpensive, long-lasting fabric softener type of fragrance, Tranquil starts out a bit similar to CLEAN and ends with some echoes of Oceanus. I "liked" it at first but was put off by the opening notes....I've held onto it, always enjoyed sniffing it, and now 6 months later, I think I'm addicted - definitely a staple for spring!

Rating (out of 10): 7

What are your favorite "clean-smelling" scents?


Flora said...

Well, clean scents have their place, certainly - in the heat of summer, sometimes they are the only ones you can put on without bothering someone else. This stuff sounds like one of these, and it seems very nice.

As far as other clean scents I have known, good old Aliage by Estee Lauder comes to mind - clean and green and astringent, nothing "sexy" or romantic about it, but pleasing all the same, and it stands up to wilting heat as well as anything.

To me fragrances have always been divided in to the distinct camps of "Sexy" and "Clean" as far as what the wearer wants to say about herself (or himelf), with "Romantic" taking up the middle ground. As I get older I find the many of the clean, simple ones to be a little immature for me, and I am veering toward the "dark side" a bit more. Hopefully this will not mean that when I am an old lady I will look like Mae West and wear only Shalimar. If that happens, you have my permission to shoot me.

marlen said...

Flora - I'll keep on the lookout for a suspicious Mae West type of figure come 2046...

dinazad said...

Mugler's Cologne is the epitome of "clean" to me. Makes me smell as if I'd just come out of the shower - even after a day in a hot car in the middle of an August holiday trip. Even sitting beside my fragrance-oversensitive sister. Great stuff!

marlen said...

dinazad - yes...and I also find light white musk scents feel very 'clean'...