Sunday, March 05, 2006

RANT: And the Award Goes To...

On the evening of the Oscars, another kind of award has been handed out...

Click the icon above and take a peek at this year's winners....Personally, I disagree with nearly every winner.

Here's how I voted...

Best Fragrance: (to me, that stands the test of time) Chanel Bois des Iles and Caron pour Un Homme
Best New Fragrance: Lovely and Dorissima Narziss
Best Packaging: Donna Karan Parfum and Caron L'Anarchiste
Best for Daywear: La Chasse aux Papillons and Michel Germain Deauville
Best for Evening: Angel and Agatha Brown Jade Emperor
Best Niche: Ormonde Jayne Champaca and Creed Millesime Imperial
Best Fragrance House: L'Artisan

How about you?


Justin said...

I have to admit I am more than a little biased. My recent infatuation with everything offered up by what remains of the house of YSL had me voting for all of their offerings. However, taking a step back from my obsession, I would have to choose these(keep in mind the only knowledge I have to base any of my female choices on are the 7 or so fragrances my girlfriend and her friends have):

Best Fragrance: Cacharel Amor Amor and CDG Kyoto

Best New Fragrance: Moschino Cheap and Chic I Love Love and Kouros Eau D'ete

Best Packaging: YSL Opium parfum and Donna Karan parfum(Tie)and YSL Rive Gauche (gotta love the can)

Best for Daywear: YSL Paris and YSL Kouros Cologne Sport

Best for eveningwear: Dior Addict and John Varvatos

Best Niche: --- and Vetiver Extraordinair

Best Fragrance House: YSL

Mark said...

oh my no. Angel for men as best men's fragrance? oh dear dear dear.

I agree with sur le nil and Creed winning best house.

But I don't have nearly as big a problem with the fragrances as I do with Dolly Parton not winning an Oscar tonight. Shame Shame! And to a rap group no one's heard of yet!

marlen said...

Justin - you ARE a YSL fan aren't you!?! Where's my fave Live Jazz?

marlen said...

Mark - I was really torn between Bird York (what that award could have done for her career!) and Dolly...and I was shocked that BM didn't win, though I do feel that Crash is a worthy choice. Was very moved by that film and the outstanding performances. Love me some Reese but was shocked that Felicity didn't get it...

Justin said...

Actually I havent even gotten around to ordering Live Jazz yet, I am a sham, a proclaimed lover of YSL that does not own all of the houses works (yet). Though to be honest Trussardi, CdG have started to get my nose's attention as of late and with reform on the horizon for YSL I fear my beloved fragrances will be discontinued in which case I pray I have a really good job or no job at all (as I will waste great amount of money stocking up on the frags).

Dolly... (melodramatic voice) WTF! That poor poor old woman, can she even oped cabinet doors without her man-made gifts getting in the way? (lol).

I will confess, I only watched the red carpet. I could hardly care less about Reese's tearful thank-yous as she stated she just wanted to matter.

Kim said...

You reminded me how I need to sample Agatha Brown's fragrances, and find the Dorissima fragrances. (all of which I wanted to sample in the first place because of you!)

Now I am going to go put on some of my sample of Lovely before I hit the books some more. (or just call it a night)

Thanks for making frangrance even more fun, Marlen.

lilyofbp said...

Ok, I can't remember how I voted, so I will tell you what I might say now. . .my knowledge of men's fragrance is limited to those I wear and I force on DH:
Best Fragrance: Women--Chanel Cuir de Russie or Mitsouko
Men--don't really know, though I like and wear Pour un Homme
New fragrance: Chinatown (is this new??) and Narziss
Packaging: Chinatown and ?? (love the Chinatown bottle, don't love the bleeker street one)
daywear: Angelique Encens and John Varvatos
Evening: Opium parfum and Montale Cuir d'arabie
Niche: Angelique Encens and OJ Man
fragrance house:Caron
And the one you left out, mass-market: I think Coty Wild Woods is fab (theoretically for men, but I wear it). Judith

marlen said...

justin - I thought Reese lokked lovely, and yes, do get that Live jazz, and if you're daring enough, my fave YSL perfume of late (well, aside from NU EDP) is Paris Rose des Boises - a surprsisinly good take ont he original! I love the stuff!

marlen said...

kim - awww shucks, thanks for the warm fuzzies!

marlen said...

Judith - We have some similar tastes. As I normally *don't do* mass market fragrances, I've never tried the Coty as I find their scent to either have poor longevity or development, but will seek out and try the Wild Woods...and report back!