Friday, March 10, 2006

BATH & BODY: Sephora Indulgences: Triple Layer Cake Hair and Body Wash

What is it? Doesn't that name say it all? Scented with creamy confectionary notes and blended with honey, pro-vitamin B, and buttermilk for moisture, this all-in-one hair and body wash smells like a cupcake.

Why should I buy it? This is fun, and a great first layer for sandalwood and vanilla scents.

Where can I buy it? $16 for 10 ozs at

The Bottom Line: Not the best bath product in the world, I mean it's not organic or all-natural, but at $16 it would make a great gift, and feels and smells great. Not as sweet as the description makes it sound, this would be a great companion product for Givenchy Pi or Burberry Brit Gold.

Rating (out of 10): 6.5

What's your favorite "confectionary" themed body product?


Kim said...

Marlen, I am sure I would love this in the winter. (or when I needed to indulge myself)

Have you tried the Philosophy line of 3-in-1s?

marlen said...

Kim - I love the scents of Philosophy but haven't tried any of their shower creams yet. When I get back to Florida, I think I'll try a few! I remember liking quite a few of them!

Cyrano said...

Sephora Indulgences has a dark chocolate/raspberry counterpart to the cake wash. I think I might try that. Bet it would layer well with B Men before work.

marlen said...

cyrano - YUM! sounds great! have you tried this yet?

Kim said...

wow, does this all sound wonderfully decandent...sigh, sucks to be on a diet

marlen said...

kim - I have about, oh, a lifetime's wort hof dieting coming my way (man have I gotten fat!), but I'll tell u what - I will never be able to be on a diet that excludes chocolate cake. I need a diet of moderation, not deprivation!

katiedid said...

Any of Philosophy's chocolates or cocoas - not a favorite because of my own taste, but because instead of fighting me at bath time, my kids are actually happy to have their hair washed. I cannot emphasize enough how freaking beautiful that is. I'd especially recommend the Chocolate Ice Cream one though, if I had to pick just one.

Kim said...

Marlen, 17 pounds, losing that will be a piece of cake! You probably look fine just the way you are. Don't be so hard on yourself.

A couple of years ago, when I gained weight, I had a bit of wonderful chocolate when I needed it, and lost my weight (yes, including moderation, fun exercise, music, dancing, and gourmandy shampoos, etc).

Now I am in the process of losing weight (ack, again) and I am having my chocote when I need it!)

I certaining don't believe in deprivation. Life is meant to live and enjoy.

Kim said...

(I left out the *la* in chocoLAte in above, Marlen, can you fix that for me, if you have time?)