Thursday, March 09, 2006

FOR THE HOME: Illume Cucumber Candle

What is it? Candle in tin with lid, cucumber scent; 30 hrs burn time, 8 ozs, 2” Tall by 3 1/8” Wide.

What does it smell like? Grassy greens and cucumbers.

Pros: Smells great, excellent throwing power, even when not burning.

Cons: It's a paraffin candle and I'd prefer soy-based candles (petroleum free).

Where can I buy it? $9 for an 8 oz travel tin at

The Bottom Line: I've got the pillar, votive and travel candle in this scent and kept the travel candle at work on my desk. Though I never burnt it, I constantly found myself wondering where that fantastic green fragrance was coming from, only to realize that it was the Illume Cucumber travel candle! For $9, I think it's totally worth it!

Rating (out of 10): 8

Know any other great candles with fresh green notes?


dinazad said...

Mmmmm, sounds great! Oliviers & Co, also known as O&Co, a French company selling finest olive oils and anything else in connection with olives, makes a wonderful olive oil & basil candle. Comes in a cute terracotta pot, smells spicy-green (just like basil) and burns down to the very last bit. No enormous leftovers of scented wax (or whatever) here! (unlike some candles I could think of). They also have one with tomato leaves which is next on my to try list.... (not affiliated etc. Just a fan - you should try their olive oils!)

marlen said...

Dinazad - Oliviers & Co sounds great...checking out their website now...