Monday, March 06, 2006

BARGAIN OF THE WEEK: Eau de Biarritz by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Notes: Iodine, Seaweed, Ylang from Comores, Magnolia, Sandalwood from India, and Benzoin from Siam.

100ml tester spray: Retail price $95;'s price $29.95

Why should I buy it? One of the least known of CSP's fragrances, and one of the last great creations before the company turned into everything-vanilla-kitchen sink. An amazing floral marine with aromatic warm woods notes in the drydown. Simple, airy, and truly amazing. As easy for a man to wear as a woman, this one is hard to track down and a true original! One of my all-time favorites!


myaccolades said...

Hey Marlen, do you know if these testers come with caps?

marlen said...

myacc - I don't believe they do, or nowadays they might be plastic...