Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pick a Montale

I'd like to review 4 Montale scents and have access to samples of all of them,

so you tell me...

Which ones should I review?

click the pic for more info and a complete list of scents

See my Review of Sandalsilver (Skin)


Octavian said...

Powder Flowers
Orient Extreme
Ginger Musk

Anonymous said...

Hi Marlen,

I'd like to see you review the following Montales, mainly because I like them, and would like to see how your thoughts compare to mine!

Oud Cuir d'Arabie
Soleil de Capri
and one I can't make up my mind about - Royal Aoud.

Christina H. said...

Any of the rose Aouds being reviewed would be much appreciated by this rose aficionado!Thanks for considering it.

marlen said...

great suggestions, keep'em coming!

lilyofbp said...

My favorites are Oud Cuir d'Arabie (this is my husband's fave scent)
Oud Rose Petals
Oud Queen Rose
I also like
Oud Damascus

Anonymous said...

Hi Marlen,

De-lurking to say thanks for your informative and fun blog!

My votes are for Sweet Oriental Dream and White Musk.


Sali said...

Aoud Rose Petals is the strongest perfume I've ever worn. I can literally only wear a dot out of a sample vial or it overwhelms me. I love it, though. I'd love to read your thoughts on it.

GreatSheElephant said...

See, now I want to hear what you think about stuff I *don't* like. So how about Vetiver des Sables?

Tovah said...

I'd love to hear about Oud Rose Petals and Oud Queen Rose. I'm in a rose phase :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in your thoughts on these:
Black Oud
Oud Cuir d'Arabie
Ginger Musk

iMav said...

Hope you would give your thoughts on Woods & Spice!

b94new said...

soleil de capri without a doubt...