Thursday, February 16, 2006

REVIEW: Montale Sandalsilver (Skin)

*Sandalsilver was formerly named Skin

Bergamot, Citrus fruits of Sicily, Mysore sandalwood, spices.

Pros: Wonderful "second-skin" scent, very comforting. I took an instant liking to it.

Cons: The sandalwood is powdery and sweet, but doesn't really smell like sandalwood for the first hour or fact I don't really think of it as a sandalwood scent.

Longevity and sillage: Both are moderate.

Where can I buy it? $135 for 100ml edp spray at

Reminds me of? YSL Nu edp minus the iris and incense; the topnotes of Kingdom; Christian Dior Dune (pour femme).

Bottleworthy? Hmmm, it's a little pricey, but this is something I could see myself wearing A LOT!

The Bottom Line: Beautiful and aromatic, a familiar scent. More masculine than Dior Dune, not as rich as YSL Nu, this has found a special place in my heart as an unusual take on Mysore. The scent slowly unfolds with only hints of sandalwood and faint traces of patchouli against a light musk. I just don't know quite how to describe it, but I love it.

Rating (out of 10): 9

Tell us about your experiences with Montale!


lilyofbp said...

I have to try this! I am a great fan of Montale's Aoud scents (about which I know people have differing feelings) but haven't tried too many of their regular line. My favorites are Aoud Rose Petals and Cuir d'Arabie. I bought a decant of the second for myself, but my husband stole it, and I have to admit, it smells even better on him! To (and on) both of us, it evokes very sexy black leather. Some people, however, feel this and the other ouds smell like band-aids! I'm very glad I'm not among them (my band-aid sensors seem to be weak in general). Judith

marlen said...

Judith - I'm a huge fan of everything Montale from the oudhs to the fragrances. Patchouli Leaves is phenomenal, Chypre Fruite is beautiful, Aoud Rose Petals is perfection....Band-aids? LOL...haven't gotten that accord yet!

Rue said...

I got this in the mail just the other day. Wow. I don't know what to say other than... I'm not shelling out the money to import a full bottle when on my skin I can hardly tell the difference between Sandalsilver (Skin) and my old stand-by Eau de Cologne Ambree Mont St Michel at$18CAN/500ml, and that is not a typo, it is a huge glass bottle. With the exception that my MSM really does smell like 'skin'. There are a number of very classic French combos: citrus/amber, lavander/violets, blackberries/musk, lavander/vanilla, to name a few, that although I know this, I am always disappointed when a really prestigious label smells the same or not as great as a supermarket brand.

marlen said...

Rue - well if that's the case, sign me up for some MSM!

Rue said...

You got it!

Qwendy said...

Gosh, I just don't get along with Montale at all! I tried almost everything, in the shop and also their amazingly generous samples, and I couldn't find a thing that worked for me. I must have terribly different chemistry from the person who creates their scents. And I ADORE Arabian and Morroccan inspired stuff, just not theirs, dommage!

marlen said...

qwendy - the Oudhs didn't work for you? I've loved nearly everything I've tried!