Sunday, May 14, 2006


I'm not gonna even pretend I have any clue what the heck tagetes is. I came across this one while writing today's Mother's Day post about Obsession. If I had to guess, I'd say a seed of some kind...Let's Wikipedia tagetes and see what we can find...

Tagetes is apparently the name for a genus of daisy indigenous to Mexico and South America but is more commonly know as Marigold (African, French, Mexican) and has an aroma that is commonly used as a top note in perfumery. adds "With a wild, sweet, almost citrus-like aroma, Tagetes excels in repelling insects and treating wounds, infections, and respiratory conditions. Although Tagetes is not often acquired for its aroma, it is said that this oil is used extensively in French perfumes."

So, Tagetes is a Marigold, huh? Wow, I never knew!

Let's see...Some of my favorite fragrances with tagetes or marigold include:
  • Davidoff Relax
  • XS Black
  • Prescriptives Calyx
  • Joop! All About Eve
  • Dolce and Gabbana for Women
  • Cacharel Lou Lou
  • Aromantic by Decleor
  • Burberry for Men
What's your favorite scent with tagetes or marigold?


Anya said...

Yes, Tagetes is the true marigold, and the oil is wonderful, powerful, and should only be used in small amounts. Several different species are used in the perfumery industry, all with slightly different properties.

That said, I'm not familiar with one of the perfumes you cite!

Parisjasmal said...


I am not sure what post I am supposed to comment on for our Benevolent Blogging...but here is mine to you.

I hope this counts!
Happy Mother's Day!

Tania said...

I'm not gonna even pretend I have any clue what tagetes smells like, let alone which of my fragrances has it, but hey, now I want to know!

The Glitterati said...

I've never smelled tagetes, but if it's in Calyx, then it can't be bad! :)

emotenote said...

I can't stand the smell of marigolds since they covered my yard as a child and we could never escape them! I can see why I've never tried any of those fragrances. Now tuberose, there's a smell. From a fellow BB on Mothers' day!

Ayala Sender said...

First of all - Happy Mother's Day!

Although marigold is a modest floral note, not one of the finest florals (like rose, jasmine and orange blossom), I really like it. The oil smells a bit more fruity and less medicinal than the flower itself. It lends a lovely, round, fruity-herbaceous and honeyed note to perfumes and can be great in orientals - lending some sweetness to spicy notes and complementing ambers.

My favourite scent with marigold happens to be Altruism. Yes, the scent that I will be giving away in a draw amongst the participating posters on my blog for the Mother's Day Benevolent Blogging event!

Flora said...

I love the scent of Marigold, but it is so NOT sweet, it is anti-floral! It is a powerfully herbal and intensely green aroma, and it tickles the nose, somewhat along the line of Nasturtium ,which also has a delicous scent that is utterly devoid of sweetness.

I like the LouLou myself - most Cacharels have something I like, and LouLou is fun and zingy.

marlen said...

Well, it sure seems tagetes has been a popular note with all of these great comments. And I am also a pretty big Cacharel fan.