Tuesday, May 16, 2006

BATH & BODY: Etro Sandalo Hair and Body Shampoo

What is it: A moderately-scented hair and body shampoo.

Why should I buy it? The perfect companion to any of your other Etro scents, and hey, it'll add a little character to bath time. The sandalwood oil is light and sweet, leaving a faint trail of scent on your skin after showering.

Where can I buy it? $24.99 at PerfumeDistributor.com.

The Bottom Line: Nicely scented, but a little pricey. There really is nothing special or unusual about this stuff as far as sandalwood shower gels go. At the discounted price, it might be worth a little luxury. Actually, compared to three other sandalwood shower gels I've tried, this one was the best.

Rating (out of 10): 6

What's your favorite sandalwood-scented bath product?

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Mark said...

MORNY Sandalwood soap, I use it everyday. I tried the Bee and Flower soap after your review and liked it a lot, but then I tried this one by Morny and its marvelous. I came across it in Marshalls for $4 for 3. I bought them out. Then I searched for all of the other Marshalls between Philly and Scranton (my weekly drive home) and I went to as many as I could and bought them out too. Funny, I never thought to google morny...