Thursday, May 18, 2006

ASK MARLEN: Terre de Jasmine


I was hoping to hear your thoughts on the newest offering from Hermes.

Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Havent tried it?

I myself am not wowed by it but the mixture of vetiver and citrus was enough to convince me to adopt a bottle for the summer while in Dallas 3 days ago (as I personally have never smelled such a thing). So I guess what I am asking is, what is your bottom line on this frag?

Also, if you have time, would you mind recommending some jasmine fragrances that you find outstanding to me? Im looking for something that has an apparent jasmine note that doesn't become a light floral mess.

Thank you.
-JHi J,

Perhaps you've noted my silence about this fragrance? Yes, it's true, I'm not a fan. While I can find things to like about it (there IS an elegance about the product, from box, to bottle, to composition) overall, this is a scent with overwhelming cedar and vetiver from start to finish, and that turns me off. The dryness is what most gets me and immediately calls to mind such stinkers as Cartier Declaration, Kenzo Jungle for Men, and Eau d'Hermes. It's not that these fragrances are bad, really, just about as far from "my thing" as it gets.

Ok, you asked about jasmine fragrances and a few came to mind. My first thought was Hanae Mori for Men Eau Fraiche, as it focuses more on the floral aspects than the gourmand ones. My next thought was Montale's Jasmin Full, one of my new personal favorites, and finally, there's Gendarme, my favorite. I love the jasmine and citrus top notes set against the light musk and leather notes. I can actually smell the jasmine in this one!

Hope this helps, and feel free to keep those questions coming!

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J said...

Hanae Mori for Men Eau Fraiche? Hmm I didnt even know there was a fresh version of this scent. I may need to track it down.

I havent yet tried Gendarme because it doesnt sound like my thing but perhaps I should go find it and try it.

Thanks for all of your help.