Thursday, March 02, 2006

REVIEW: Antilope by Weil

Notes: Sage, grasse neroli, bergamot, chamomile, lily of the valley, jasmine, patchouli, iris, ambergris, and vetiver.

Pros: Wow...I love this. A light green chypre that will work perfectly for warmer weather.

Cons: The opening has a slightly soapy tone. Longevity could be a bit better.

Development: I can detect the sage and chamomile as the scent opens, wonderful! The middle notes are slightly brighter, with jasmine and lily of the valley accents. The scent dries to a light vetiver and iris combo, with merely the slightest green hint of patchouli, and the faint musky warmth of ambergris.

Longevity: I'm testing the EDP (thanks, Katie!) and the scent starts off 2 hours later it is quite faint, though still there. This light drydown does linger on my skin for quite some time, though I'd like a but more projection.

Sillage: Moderate, and then within about 2 hours, the scent remains very quiet.

Reminds me of: Ivoire de Balmain, though much subtler and fresher.

Where can I buy it? $35.90 for a 100ml EDP spray at

Bottleworthy? Absolutely...I'm not sure as to how similar this EDP is to the original EDC, but I've ordered the EDC and will update you as soon as I try it!

The Bottom Line: Created in 1928 by Weil, the company has now re-bottled and re-packaged their major players and released them as Eau de Parfums. Here's what gets me - chamomile and sage! WooHoo! This is one heck of a unique composition, not to mention a great price. Easy-to-wear for both men and women, this should give the standard summer citrus and marine fragrances a real run for their money. Best of all, this is a little-known gem that the rest of the world WON'T be wearing!

Rating (out of 10): 7 (wished it lasted longer)

Know of any other scents that feature Chamomile?


Rue said...

RL Romance is supposed to have a chamomile note but I don't get it at all. It is absolutley horrid on me like most fragrances with oakmoss. The oakmoss totally amplifies to monstrous proportions, taking over like an entity and the rest of the notes just die of fright.

What the hell am I going to do with the nearly full 100ml bottle I swapped for?:(

katiedid said...

I am so glad you liked the Antilope. It is the only repackaged Weil scent that still resembles its vintage version. The vintage is much fruiter, and sweeter in the florals than this, but I still feel its a worthy purchase. In some respects I actaully prefer this eau de parfum to the vintage, because the sueded feel to it is much more tangible. On the advice of those whose opinions I trust and who already are deeply familiar with the vintage Weils, I have not bothered with the EdCs. Some are said to bear no resemblence to the "real" thing, and in Antilope's case, I am told that the cologne formula is so thin that it loses its essential character. It will be interesting to hear what your impressions are about it.

The Antilope edp is very strong on me, and I actually can wear it for eight to ten hours without the need to refresh it. It's all in the personal chemistry, I suppose.

marlen said...

Rue - I'm sure it'll find a home via MUA!

marlen said...

Katie - thx for the info...I was afraid of that...I'm gonna have to get a bottle of the EDP I suppose...

boisdejasmin said...

Frederic Malle Une Rose does. Camomile sometimes accompanies rose, because it manages to bring out its honeyed facets.

marlen said...

Wasn't there a Bond scent that used chamomile?