Sunday, February 26, 2006

EVENTS: Sniffapalooza, Spring 2006

What is it? A 2 day sniff-and-shop-a-thon!

From Sniffapalooza is a New York City event uniting perfume passionatas from around the world. What started as a small group of women getting together to shop and share their enthusiasm for fragrance has grown into a phenomenon that has attained national recognition in The Wall Street Journal and Women's Wear Daily Beauty Biz.

Sniffapalooza occurs several times a year and draws hundreds of kindred spirits, both men and women, and spans an age range of 16 to 75. Sniffapalooza is the brainchild of Karen Dubin, and now with the collaboration of Karen Adams, the event is reaching new proportions. Membership is by invitation, and is designed for the serious fragrance lover.

Where is it? N.Y.C., baby! Where else?

When is it? Saturday April 8th (Uptown stores) and Sunday, April 9th (downtown stores)

Why should I go? You, dear readers of Scenteur7, have a personal invitation from the group's coordinator, Ms. Karen Dubin. Sadly, I can't make it as I'll be passed out with jetlag and from sniffing the 467 fragrances awaiting me at my father's house in Boca Raton.

Contact info: (Please include "Sniffapalooza Scenteur7" in your subject title.)

More information
Thank you Karen for the wonderful invitation. I'll DEFINITELY be joining you in the fall!


dinazad said...

Sighhhh.... don't I just wish. Couldn't this be organized somewhere else, though? Somewhere in Europe, preferably?

Trina said...

Sniffa rocks! And is it sad/wrong that I recognize Tyler waaaay in the background, tucking his hair back? He and I are Mayos from the County Mayo, so I feel I can be familiar with him :~D

He's a doll, and Lil K is THE best! Hopefully I'll get to meet you in the Fall!

marlen said...

dinazad - guess you'll be starting your own Zurich-based event? I'm sure Andy would be amenable to at least considering it?

marlen said...

Trina - can't wait to meet YOU! Looking forward to it!