Friday, March 03, 2006

FOR THE HOME: We Live Like This, Vanilla incense

What is it? Vanilla incense sticks (short), 20 per box.

What does it smell like? Vanilla pods, slightly woodsy...

Pros: Low smoke, not too foody smelling, scent lingers.

Cons: Price, short sticks

Where can I buy it? $15 for 20 sticks at

The Bottom Line: Great-smelling, low-smoke incense from UK company We Live Like This. Reminiscent of Auroshika Vanilla incense, the scent is slightly perfumey, with a little more going on than just a simple vanilla note. Chosen as the signature scent by the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC, this is a high-profile incense with a high-profile price tag.

Rating (out of 10): 6 (it's that darn price tag)

What's your favorite vanilla incense?


Kim said...

My husband was given some wonderful incense as a gift a few months ago. I love the way it burns, (and I am not really an incense person, but I like this) came in a glass test tube thing, double sided, with the sticks on one side and then the cones on the other. I will have to go past this wonderful soap shop this week and get the name, because they came from there. (and post again).

I love the vanilla he got, as well as the rose. (Yes, I am using his incense as he isn't)

marlen said...

kim- if he's not gonna use them, why shouldn't you?