Monday, February 27, 2006

WEBSITES & E-TAILERS: Sali Oguri, Pink Manhattan

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sali Oguri!

What is it: A blog about all things Sally and her love of music and fragrance.

Why should I check it out? Sali Oguri is a New York based independent singer-musician who has created Pink Manhattan, Sensorium of Song and Scent Part I & Part II. Part I is her CD of original songs titled Pink Manhattan (Petit-CD) and Part II is an original perfume creation, also called Pink Manhattan (PURRFUME).

Link please! She's just launched her first blog, PINK MANHATTAN. Sally's main website is

$40 for .15oz roll-on at

Pink Manhattan PURRFUME is a limited edition of 100 handmade pieces exclusive to Sali Oguri Pink Manhattan launch, 2005. No two pieces are the same; each 0.15 fl. oz. roll-on bottle is hand-decanted with Sali's original perfume and packaged in a hand-crafted pillow box that is numbered and signed. Notes of
fresh ripe peach, pink hibiscus, lush gardenia, French vanilla and sensual skin musk.

Read the interview with Sali at


Trina said...

Woohoo! Pink Manhattan is the ONLY gardenia fragrance I can wear without getting a plitting headache. Sali is a genius on multiple levels!

marlen said...

Trina - can't wait to try it! Thanks for the positive review! Now I'm even more excited as a close friend loves gardenia but has the same problem...