Wednesday, February 15, 2006

REVIEW: Serge Lutens, Bois de Violette

Notes: Cedar, violet leaves, violet flowers

Pros: Finally, a violet scent that is neither candy-sweet nor ultra-feminine.

Cons: Uh-oh, there's that pesky Lutens cedar note again...comes across as almost camphorous.

Longevity and Sillage: Surprisingly this one stays subtle on my skin. Not quite the sillage I would hope for.

Where can I buy it? Good of now, you'll have to contact Salons de Shiseido in Paris for further exploration. 100 Euros for a 75ml splash in glass bell bottle.

Reminds me of: Feminite du Bois, the discontinued early holy grail of violet scents by you guessed it, Shiseido. Can we say "dead ringer"?

Bottleworthy? Perfect if you're looking for a Feminite du Bois smell-alike, but I'll pass.

The Bottom Line: A simple, straightforward composition. Pricey but sumptuous. Personally, I prefer L'Artisan Verte Violette, softer, greener, and without the odd cedar note. I don't know why, it's that same note in Cedre and Bois Oriental that for some reason just bothers me.

Rating (out of 10): 6

Any other off the beaten path violet scents that you can recommend?


Tammy said...

I haven't tried this one yet, but then again, I haven't tried any SL scent either. ::Hangs head in shame:: My favorite violet, though, is L'aromarine Violette (the drydown is incredible).

marlen said...

Tammy - I know L'Aromarine, but haven't tried the violet - where can I buy that?

marchlion said...

I am a total Violet nut. Maybe that's where I'll start with l'Aromarine! It's the Serge Cedar that prevents me from wearing this or Cedre (or F du Bois for that matter). Favorite violets: l'Artisan, E Duse (Laura Tonatto), Annick Goutal Violette, none of which are too sweet. For SWEET violets I like Molinard and Berdoues. I know, they rot my teeth and they're bad for me, but still... On a whole different planet, of course, is Apres l'Ondee, which I worship.

marlen said...

March - ah yes, for E Duse and Goutal Violette, they're goin on my "to sniff" wishlist along with L'Aromarine Violette. Thanks for the recs!

lilyofbp said...

I do enjoy both Bois de Violette and FdB. But I also second Eleonora Duse (a new favorite). And I would add the sadly discontinued but still gettable Violette Precieuse. Judith

marlen said...

Judith - Any chance for a Duse swap? And Violette Precieuse by Caron?

lilyofbp said...

Unfortunately, I swapped for both myself, so I only have decants:( I know that VP is still available online (Perfume Station has it for around $45.00). Hmmm. . .I may be talking myself into buying it:) Will let you know if I do.

marlen said...

J - no worries. I have a sample of VP somehwere, will have to re-visit that one!