Friday, February 17, 2006

FOR THE HOME: Mariage Freres, The de Lune Incense

Note: Fall In Love incense, 50 wands, 30 Euros pictured

What is it? Japanese-style wand incense from renowned French tea purveyors.

What does it smell like? Amber and oolong tea with light musky overtones.

Pros: Smells incredible as it burns, and not too smokey! Elicited compliments from everyone who entered the room while it was burning!

Cons: The price.

Where can I buy it? 12 Euros for 20 wands at

The Bottom Line: A non-smoky, Japanese-style incense that smells incredible. It may be pricey, but hey, life's worth a little luxury!

More Information:

The English website is currently under construction to make way for an online ordering system.

Read about Mariage Freres:
A 'Mariage' Made in Heaven
by Karen Burns,

Rating (out of 10): 9

What's your favorite tea-themed incense?


Mark said...

Fantastic, Marlen, thank you. I'll keep my eyes (and wallet) open for this, maybe eBay? I love amber home fragrances. My favorite incense so far is Hinoki by Nippon Kodo, which is essentially Gucci Rush in stick form.

marlen said...

Mark - and don't forget the candles! High-end but amazing! It wouldn't surprise me if they were actaully manufactured by Diptyque!

Mark said...

yes, I explored the French site - how does one choose? Which of the candles have you tried?

marlen said...

Mark - u need to email me buddy, I'll be living in Pitt from this summer! Anyhow...I've sniffed them all and a friend of mine had the Nepal one and he just sat it on a table, never had to burn it, and it scented the entire room.

dinazad said...

;-) Haven't tried Mariage Freres, but I adore the Fauchon (French house for teas and other delicacies) incenses, especially The, Epices and the divine Baies Rouges: the only time I ever smelled incense (or perfume, for that matter) with the true scent of raspberries in the sun!

Cait Shortell said...

These sound great. If it weren't for the fact that Roquefort, my west highland terrier, has appointed himself the fireman of the house. He goes nuts trying to find and put out the fire whenever we light a taper of incense. Well, maybe when they go to get their hair done ....

marlen said...

dinazad - just wait - some Fauchon reviews are coming soon!

marlen said...

Cait - that is hilarious! What does he do at BBQ's?