Tuesday, January 31, 2006

REVIEW: LT Piver, Cuir Russie

Notes: Leather, mandarin, bergamot, honey, woods.

Pros: An unusual leather fragrance with a vinatge feel. A departure from most of the earthier leather scents that all seem to mimic Knize Ten. Strong on the citrus and cedar.

Cons: A strange almost bitter sweetness pervades the beginning of the composition, likely the honey and citrus notes. The leather notes are not as prominent as I would like, though combined with the woods, they slowly begin to strengthen as the scent develops.

Bottleworthy? I recommend testing first as this might not meet everyone's expectations at what Russian Leather is.

Where can I buy it? £35.00 for 100ml edt spray at Escentual.co.uk

The Bottom Line: Interesting variation on leather highlighted by strong citrus notes. Overall, the composition has an odd vinegar-like note and just doesn't appeal to me. Improves as it develops, but I'd prefer not to wait. Not a bad scent by any means, but I'll stick with my Knize.

Rating (out of 10): 5

Have you tried any of the other Piver scents?


shifts said...

I still haven't tried Knize Ten, but if it is the father of all other leathers I guess I shouldn't make the wait much longer.

That picture on that Piver bottle is just... Well I guess, one of the more unusual ones I've seen end up on a fragrance bottle :)

marlen said...

Shifts - no kidding, a frumpy Russian peasant doesn't scream sophistication to me either.

Viktor Ă–land said...

Just ordered Knize ten thanks to you!

marlen said...

Viktor - Come back and tell us what you think! I love the stuff and think it might be the only leather scent I REALLY need...