Tuesday, January 31, 2006

IMAGES: Name That Scent

$10 via paypal to the first person who can name every scent!

Image courtesy of Jasina.com.sg

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Iolite said...

Hi Marlen,

Wow I am honored to have you visiting my humble blog (I feel the urge to ask for an autograph from Sensei ^^) I've been lurking on Scenteur7 for some time. As a curious toddler in the perfume world, I've learned a lot from your articles (plus lemmings lemmings lemmings... x.x)

I started collecting perfume ads even before miniatures, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw your big puzzle. And after blogging my unfinished puzzle I got to meet other perfume addicts (yay!), so I really owe you a big thank you!

Actually I ought to post a comment here to thank you for bringing so much fun, but hesitated because you've generously offered a prize at the end of your post. Since I did this for fun and wouldn't have finished without the help of many others, I figured maybe I should not spoil the fun until someone wins the game. Please don't hate me for that ^^

Glad to meet you, and will continue to study your articles.


P.S. I'm curious how did you find my post, and write Chinese in your message...