Monday, January 30, 2006

REVIEW: Laura Biagiotti Emotion

Notes: mango, iris, vetiver, coconut, sandalwood and ylang-ylang.

Pros: None of the individual notes really stand-out: the result is a smooth, well-blended composition that stays close to the skin, is easy to wear, and has a fruity, woodsy feel.

Cons: Sillage and projection are minimal. That being said, whenever a friend of mine wore it, I could smell it and it was wonderful.Bottleworthy? Yep. Wouldn't dream of parting with the bottle I have.

Where can I buy it?
3oz EDP $55 at (s&h is included in this price); better prices available on Ebay.

The Bottom Line:
As with most of the Biagiotti line (Roma, Venezia, Laura, etc.), Emotion is a stunner. Can be purchased rather inexpensively online, and with such an unusual composition of notes, it is absolutely worth it. The coconut and mango add a fresh, tropical feel, while the vetiver and sandalwood create an aromatic balsamic drydown. The iris and ylang add an earthy soft powder (very subtle) rounding out the composition.

Rating (out of 10): 8

Can you think of any other scents that effectively use coconut?


Heather said...

Laura Biagiotti's Roma still remains my number one favourite - I can wear very few perfumes anymore - somehow it fugs up my head - but this still makes the broad feel classy.

~so would be very interested in sniffing at this - I'll go check it out.

Thanks for a very thoroughg clear review

katiedid said...

Sage Onyx - it has this funky coconut that smells somehow raw and toasted at the same time. I deeply prefer the edt to the oil, though, since in the oil form the coconut gets wadded up into this big sticky block with tobacco that's not as easy to wear.

marlen said...

i - I'm also a huge fan of Roma, both the men's and women's. Thanks for reading and posting!

marlen said...

K - definitely...I love Sage Onyx and am in total agreement about the edt vs oil. I got decants of Sage Onyx and Creed Original Santal the same weekend. Can u guess whch one I enjoyed more?

Kim said...

That sounds quite nice, thanks for reviewing it, something to go look for this week!

marlen said...

Kim - definitely check it out, it's a lovely scent for summer.

lilyofbp said...

Coconut loves: Yosh Ginger Ciao, Ava-Luxe Viva. Coconut like: SL datura Noir. Must try the LB.

marlen said...

Lily - I also love SL Datura Noir and still have a decant of CSP Noix de Coco...