Wednesday, February 08, 2006

RANTS: The Canasta Rap, dedicated to Cait

Cait, darling, this one`s for you:

There was a fragrance named Canasta,
And it smelled a lot like Kasha,
And when all the shiksas sniffed it,
They shouted out ZOG gornit!

Ikh halt az it`s very clever,
Such a ganef must have named it,
Smelling better than that Mah Jong,
You might find it in your klozet.

Vos zukhs'tu -- takhles oder tokhes?
Vos zukhs'tu -- takhles oder tokhes?


Cait Shortell said...

I am kvelling. I cannot believe you are such a doll. You should take that one on the road. Attach an audio file so we can hear you break it down.
Thank you!

marlen said...

LOL! ! ! ! !

katiedid said...

*Sniff* I am rather fond of this one, although, let's face it, I am precisely the last person on earth who'd be accused of having any objectivity whatsoever with regard to Jacques Fath. You DID pick my favorite of all the Canasta ads to post, though, so at least you have that going on in this post :)

I have ZERO idea what this is about, so perhaps I'm being over-defensive, and this is NOT some slam on my poor innocent Canasta?

marlen said...

LOL! No, this is a "yiddish" wrap. Yiddish was mostly a provincial dialect, a combo of Hebrew, German, sometimes Polish or Russian, spoken mostly by Eastern European Jews and now part of many countries' mainstream slang vocabularies. There were quite a few poster images for canasta at

Anya said...

A bisel tumul, Marlen -- "A shiksha" said?! Azoy? A megile behind that one?

The Real McOy