Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ASK MARLEN: The Kourrent State of Kouros

Hi Marlen,

Perhaps you could help me out? Do you know if YSL Kouros has been reformulated? I remember when it first came out, it was SO animalic it almost made you sick. (LOVED it!) Yet, when I smell it today, it is weak. Has my sniffer changed, or was it the formula? Do you know where I would go to find out the changes that were made, if any and where to get an "old stock" bottle? These questions have been haunting me for years and you seem like the perfect person to ask!You can understand my obsession, I'm sure.

Thanks a million,
Dear SP,

No doubt that Kouros HAS changed over the years due to cost-cutting attempts and changes in the chemicals used. Though reviews by Basenoters reveal that the variety of Kouros editions (summer, sport, etc) has become a bit daunting if not necessarily an improvement over the original, no one has actually mentioned a change in the actual aroma. Perhaps a trip trip to your local flea market or a phone call to Scentiments might help with locating an older bottle for comparison.

My first thought was to contact YSL Beauty themselves:

Yves Saint Laurent Parfums SA,
28-34 boulevard du Parc,
F-92521 Neuilly sur Seine

...but would they really tell the truth? You might also want to try emailing Jasina in Singapore. They have tons of stock both old and new and might be able to compare two bottles for you!

Hope this helps, and let us know if you make any progress!



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Thank you!!

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