Friday, February 10, 2006

ASK MARLEN: No niche!

Dear Marlen,

I have a friend who wants some perfume advice: She loves patchouli, verbena and in her citrus scents, grapefruit. She loves Bel Ami on her husband. She loves 24 Faubourg and recently liked Max Mara for herself.

She wants some scent suggestions but NOT Niche lines.

I thought of:
La Perla
Io by La perla
Allesandro del Aqua
YSL In love again
Goutal Hadrien

What would you suggest?

Thank you,
CHi C!

The first thing that comes to mind is Rochas Lui, which though a men's fragrance, is a mellow, easy-to-wear blend of patchouli, orange blossom, and buffalo grass with a very affordable price tag! If she'd like an interesting grapefruit scent, I do think YSL In Love Again is a good choice, but even more interesting is Kenzo's Le Monde est Beau, a beautiful grapefruit and citrus over a wonderful oriental base. As for Verbena, has she tried Fresh Sugar yet? It dries to an almost gourmand caramel note, but the opening citrus is very well-done. Additionally, Adrienne Vittadini's Capri has a unique lemoncello accord, and can easily be found these days at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Hope these suggestions help! Feel free to write again for more ideas!


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