Tuesday, June 06, 2006

REVIEW: Sonoma Scent Studio, Fireside (Special Edition)

Notes: Sandalwood, guaiacwood, woodsmoke, Atlas cedar, and a touch of frankincense and myrrh.

Pros: Striking and simple composition that makes a great vehicle for the star of this show - sandalwood (and a beautiful sandalwood it is!)

Cons: Neither as smokey nor as dark as I would like. But then again, this is a good alternative for those who are put off by Diptyque's even darker Galliano.

Reminds me of: LaCroix Tumulte pour Homme; Diptyque Tam Dao; Indian Sandalwood oil.

Development: A very linear composition that showcases the nuances of the sandalwood essence used.

Longevity: Considering that the composition is an EDP, I had hoped for greater longevity.

Sillage: This one stays close to the skin after an hour, but I find this is true of many sandalwood-based scents.

Where can I buy it? $32 for a 30ml edp spray at SonomaScentStudio.com. Try a sample for just $2.50!

Bottleworthy? Sonoma fragrances also comes in a variety of other formats, so be sure to look around to find the product that best suits your tastes.

The Bottom Line: The scent is named 'fireside' but it would need a lot more fire and smoke to suit my personal tastes...And this is what makes Sonoma so great. If you tell the owner and creator that you need a little more of something, it's likely she'll be oblige:
Please send an email to custservice@sonomascentstudio.com before ordering a custom blend to inquire if it is something we can do. If it’s just a simple change to an existing formula, such as increasing/decreasing one ingredient, we can usually do it right away at no extra cost to you.
Though not my favorite sandalwood fragrance, this is one that seems to be missing from the current market, and when accented by cedar and woodsmoke, the composition becomes even more intriguing. As the scent relaxed on my skin, I was offered hints of myrrh and I could have sworn I detected the slightest bit of coffee...of course it may just have been the pot brewing in my kitchen...or possibly even wishful thinking?

Ok, to wrap this up....When I was a teenager, there used to be this great New Age bookstore on King St in Boone, NC that sold everything from oils to incense. I once purchased a tiny bottle of Indian Sandalwood oil that lasted me for years; I loved the richness and complexity of the wood notes and have never been able to find anything that quite compares. Well, without even realizing it, along comes that aroma in Sonoma's Fireside and considering their prices, I think I may just have to get a bottle for old timesake. My favorite part of Fireside is when the creamy, honeyed, velvet textures of the sandalwood unfold - pure Heaven! Now the question is this: Do I enjoy the composition as it is or ask for revved up smoke and myrrh?

Rating (out of 10): As the scent of a "fireside" - 6; As my new favorite sandalwood - 9.

What's your favorite "roaring fire" scent?

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