Wednesday, June 07, 2006

READER FEEDBACK: Boning in Singapore

Dear Marlen,

I have to thank you for a good time. I was just reading your joyous "Overdosing with Singapore's darling" article and empathizing with your jubilant exploration and incredible discoveries. As you intended, this reader got swept up in the fray while monitoring your ever-quickening pulse--I saw the aisles, the boxes, I heard you inhaling, I felt your excitement. Your animated account seemed to come at me faster and faster as I read your enthused self-quote:
I go into my best “I’ve been a fragrance addict since I was a fetus” routine and stroke him with “your shop is unbelievable and I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I’ve already met your wife. We boned..."
What? Whoa, wait a minute. I know he was darned happy, but ... Ohhhhh--"bonded."

Well, I had been feeling fairly jolly reading your story to this point, but this phrasing put me into hysteria. Three tissues later, I'm clear-eyed enough to see the monitor and tell you how much I enjoyed your overseas report. In fact, I don't think I'll ever forget it.


      Thanks, J!

      You got me scared for a moment, thinking "Oh Lord, did I really write that? How could no one else....oh," and then I saw that it was merely a trick of the eye. Thanks for the encouragement and praise, greatly appreciated by a novice writer such as myself...

      p.s. - should fetus be spelled with an "o"?


      katiedid said...

      Boning? Well, then, no wonder J thought you looked so damnably happy in that picture. Heh. That's hilarious.

      (And fetus is fine - unless you wish to spell it foetus because you're writing for a medical journal.)

      marlen said...

      Ok, fetus is...and I'm sad to say that there was actually no boning of any kind in Cambodia...that's another story...LOL

      Anonymous said...

      Hello this is kaos.geo
      Wanted to post on basenotes but the site is not working properly.
      First...I laughed my ass off with your article..Thank you! :-)

      Second: Is it too much to ask, or too indiscrete, to know the final list of items bought? of course there is no need to post prices unless you want to show off a bargain!

      Three: You should really come to Buenos Aires, although there are not so many scents as in singapore... we could go hunting for discontinued products, I could give you a small two day tour of the city on a weekend, and I am sure you'll loove the locals.
      Plus it is a steal as the peso is 3 to 1 to the us dollar. This comes to mind as you do so much travelling.

      Well thx again for the article, I kept imagining what would I have done on the same situation: The mental image that came back was of the hysterical woman on the movie airplane... A row of people to slap me on the face to get me out of perfume hysterics! :-P