Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ASK MARLEN: Lutens, Le Labo and the Fragrance Fridge

Hi Marlen,

I love your blog and check it basically every day - it's one of the few sites I go to that actually update at least every day, so I'm always happy :)

I'm just starting to get into the very costly world of perfume addiction, so far I've only got about fifteen bottles of over-the-counter stuff, but I'm about to start branching out into niche stuff. I've fallen in love with Luten's Muscs Khublai Khan based just on the stuff I've read about it and NEED to have some. I've got a 5ml sample coming, but it's impossible to find online in any proper quantity. I understand that it's part of the "exclusive" non-export line, but surely there's got to be some site selling it that's not charging the ridiculously inflated prices you pay on Ebay? If you could steer me in the direction of such a site I'd be eternally grateful!

Also, I'm really intrigued by your review of vetiver46 (I LOVE vetiver fragrances.. went into two department stores the other day and asked the perfume lackeys what was a good, heavy vetiver scent and BOTH handed me hugo boss' selection hehe... yuck!), but also liked the sound of montale's vetiver... is Le Labo really worth the price difference??

One last question: on the very very off-chance that I manage to get a friend in Europe to get me some MKK, is there anything I need to watch out for in shipping? I'm in Australia and don't want my precious 100 euro perfume to get broken in transport, or heat-damaged or anything like that. I've heard that keeping good fragrances in a fridge is a much better way to store them
- is this true? ok, so that was two last questions, I'm all done now!

Thanks heaps,
JDear J,

Thanks so much for kudos. I love writing my blog, so I'm sure it will be around for some time!

Ok, onto your questions....I'm gonna make this short and simple:

1) The reason it's called the exclusive non-export line is that no one else sells it and it's not exported out of Europe for commercial sale. Best to contact Lutens directly: The only time you see Lutens non-export items for sale is by private sellers who are re-selling their own items.

2) Le Labo is absolutely worth the price tag in my opinion, but only for someone who is a die hard fan of the fragrances they offer. Best to try the fragrances out.

Read my review of Le Labo Vetiver 46.
Check out Le Labo's website.

Montale's Vetiver is a horse of a different color and equally enjoyable to wear!

Read my review of Montale's Vetiver de Sables.
Check out for great prices on Montale.
Check out Montale's website.

3) Shipping is always hit and miss, but its likely that if anything breaks on transit from your retailer, it will be replaced by the retailer...From a friend in Europe? Best to have the package insured just in case!

4) As for the urban legend of the Fragrance Fridge, well, it's true, there was a time I actually had a few fragrances in my fridge, and I have friends who have dedicated mini-fridges in their bath suites just for perfume. And it's true, like wine, fragrance lasts longer when stored in cool, dry, dark areas so if you've got the extra fridge space or the means to buy your own fragrance fridge, by all means go for it. While living in my Dad's house for the summer where you might find a block of cheese from 1968 still living in the fridge (yes, I am exaggerating, and wildly), I choose no to chill the Cerutti.

Ok, hope this helps, feel free to keep the questions coming!


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