Sunday, June 11, 2006

ASK MARLEN: Les Amandes


Since we're on the topic of the Montales, (I've tried several of the oud line and liked them) and I think you're an almond and/or heliotrope fan, I was wondering if you've tried Amande Orientale. I'm intrigued but the MUA reviews seem to be all over the place on it.


Dear T,

Ya know, this one surprised me. I had been testing a number of the warmer oudh and musk fragrances and then stumbled upon a sample of Amandes Orientales. I was really surprised to discover a sweet powdery almond fragrance with standout notes of what smells like ylang and heliotrope. Its a softer scent that never grows too sweet or cloying, but beware the plastic doll-head note. Like a Barbie who hasn't bathed, Amandes Orientales also has a nasty side. Perhaps it is this note that keeps me from truly falling for it, though at the same time keeps me coming back out of cuirosity. I think I prefer the honeyed rose notes in Sweet Oriental Dream, another almond-inspired fragrance from Montale that is basically another version of Rahat Loukhoum, though neither as overwhelming as Mecheri nor as heavy as Lutens. I recommend trying both, but it's true T, there's a reason why the MUAer's are all over the place.

Hope this helps!

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Erin said...

Thanks Marlen! I'll take a look at both...