Saturday, April 29, 2006

REVIEW: Bond # 9, The Scent of Peace

Notes: Grapefruit, Black currant, Lily of the valley, Cedarwood and Musk.

Pros: Beautiful bottle; simple composition highlights the crisp fruit notes; and $2 from every purchase is donated to UNICEF.

Cons: May be too light for some.

Reminds me of: Reminiscent of the old Burberry for Women in the cream box and small round bottle.Development: A very linear composition.

Longevity: I had difficulty detecting it on my skin after 2 hours.

Sillage: My friends couldn't smell me an hour after applying half a sample vial.

Where can I buy it? Currently available for pre-orders, see BondNo9Fragrances for more info. $195 for 3.4 ozs or $120 for 1.7 ozs.

Bottleworthy? Ideal for bottle collectors and Bond enthusiasts.

The Bottom Line: If I've learned a thing or two about Bond fragrances it's that the artistry and creativity behind the compositions vary greatly. Sadly, I expected more from The Scent of Peace, something more dynamic, versatile and unisex. It's not that the fragrance is awful, it's actually very pretty, and something I wouldn't mind my teenage sister wearing, but when the price tag is as large as this one, I expect a little more. As this is the first fragrance with a charitable slant, wouldn't it have been nice if it was something anyone would want to wear?

The composition is very quiet to say the least...quiet and sweet. Nowhere to be found is the daring sexiness of HOT Always, the surprising originality of Chinatown, or rich gourmand notes of New Haarlem. SOP is a scent for warmer weather, easy-to-wear, and very, very, well, simple.

Rating (out of 10): 5

I tend to either love Bond scents or totally dismiss them. How do you feel?


Lisa S. said...


According to what I've read elsewhere, that $2.00 per bottle to UNICEF is only being done for the FIRST YEAR of SOP's release.

marlen said...

Really? I hadn't heard that lisa...

Lisa S. said...


Here's the link to their PR Blog.

You have to read down aways but it clearly says one year.

marlen said...

Well, I guess better one year, than no years...