Wednesday, April 26, 2006

TRIVIA: Name the Birthday Girls



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The answers are in orange below.
Sorry about the early Carolina error, I originally wrote "Spanish designer" but meant to have written "Spanish-speaking".

Who can match the designers with their birthdays? Match all three correctly and win a prize!

1) Born on August 14th, this designer shares a name with one of my favorite early 20th century female painters.

ANSWER: Lolita Lempicka

2) Born on January 8th, this Spanish-speaking beauty dazzled me with a vetiver version of her famous men's scent.

ANSWER: Carolina Herrera

3) Born on March 18th, she's taken over her mother's company and even has a fragrance named after her.

ANSWER: Camile Goutal

Please list your answers in a comment below! Trivia answers will be revealed on Monday April 24th.


castorpollux said...

God I'm dying here! I guess the answer to the question n.2 would be: Carolina Herrera, but i supposed only because she has those "vetiver" and "Ginger" special editions of Herrera for Men...and she's not spanish, she's from Venezuela right? Unless I am mistaken on my answer of course. The others i think i know but i'm not sure ! I need more hints!.
The n.1 question i don't know but i think it might be Lolita Lempicka? she shares the name with Tamara de Lempicka (female artist of the early 20th century), but i'm just guessing here because i don't know either b-days and i don't know if you like Tamara...

dinazad said...

I'm thinking along the same lines as castorpollux: Lolita Lempicka and Carolina Herrera (it says "spanish-speaking", after all), but number 3 has me stumped. Lavinia Biagiotti hasn't - yet - taken over from her mother, and while she has introduced the newer Biagiotti fragrances, none was named after her.... so Biagiotti it can't be, and I can't think of any other. Drat!

biagio69 said...

my answers are these

1 lolita de lempicka

2 carolina herrera

3 camille goutal

DennisN said...

I am guessing a)Paloma Picasso
b)Carolina Herrera
c)Camille Goutal
Great blog by the way.

castorpollux said...

ahh! but it was changed! it said spanish beauty when i posted...anyways the answer to n3 would be like Biagio69 said: Camille Goutal.. i hope i was not too far-off on my first 2 guesses!

castorpollux said...

so what happened? who are the designers?

marlen said...

Thanks for playing, everyone! Congrats B69!


biagio69 said...

hi marlen thank you my mail adress is