Tuesday, April 11, 2006

RANT: Scenteur7 featured in Cosmetic World

Congratulations to the following websites featured in the April 10th Cosmetic World feature, Scent's New View: Navigating the blog world:
  • Basenotes
  • Scenteur7
  • Peppermint Patty's Perfume Posse
  • Scentzilla
  • Sniffapalooza
  • Now Smell This
  • Victoria's Own
  • Bois de Jasmin
  • Beauty News NYC

The feature in the printed trade journal followed photos from the 2006 Fifi awards and listed the websites in a short article that introduced them as follows:

Marketers strive to continually connect with consumers. But here's what happens when consumers continually connect with each other...


Victoria said...

Victoria's? As in me? Victoria's Own? How can I get a copy of this article?

katiedid said...

Congrats to you, too, M! That is really neat to be in there, and I'm thrilled, too!

I have to admit, it would have been awesome if they'd not botched the name of Compagnia Delle Indie and the fragrance. Like, either by hiring a fact checker, or say... reading the post where I clearly deliniated both the name of the company and the long-as-all-get-out name of the fragrance. Oh well, I'm griping and I have no reason to do so. It's only but a small detail I suppose, heh!

Patty said...

I want a copy too! And I can subscribe to the darn thing, but I'll still miss this issues. WWAAAAAAAHHHHH!

marlen said...

V, K, P - Please send me an email and I'll forward you the email of the writer and a PDF version.

Sorry to hear about the error, Katie, but to be honest, I didn't even notice...

Victoria said...

I downloaded it from the site, thanks Marlen! If not for you, we may never have even heard!

katiedid said...

Thanks M, but I was awful impatient so I downloaded it right away, too, heh. [And ain't I persnickity?? Really, I need to keep my mouth (fingers?) shut sometimes.}

castorpollux said...

Congrats to everyone!! You are getting more famous by the minute!