Sunday, March 12, 2006

REVIEW: Alain Delon, Shogun

Notes: Bergamot, tomato leaf, orange, basil, lavender, jasmine, sage, cinnamon, shobu, sandalwood, musk and amber.

Pros: Aromatic, unique, light composition, highlighted by leafy greens, citrus and cinnamon.

Cons: Discontinued (but that's a pro, really, because it's so darn inexpensive nowadays...Nowadays!); might be a little light in the projection area...

Reminds me of: I really can't think of anything - this one is dominated by the jasmine and cinnamon. Maybe Fresh Hombre des Flors Jasminium?

Development: None - the entire composition is laid out before you from the get-go.

Longevity: Though it's subtle, it stays with me throughout the day.

Sillage: Subtle...stays close to the skin.

Where can I buy it? $29.99 for a 100ml edt spray at

Bottleworthy? Absolutely, the perfect scent for summer!

The Bottom Line: My 2nd favorite of the Alain Delon line behind Pharos, this one just pleases me every time. I reach for this when I want something light, unobtrusive, slightly green, and very fresh. Perfect for after a day at the beach, and perfect for jasmine lovers!

Rating (out of 10): 8

Many of Delon's scents are inspired by Japanese culture. What's your favorite Japan-inspired fragrance?


Justin said...

I don’t know if it really qualifies because it is based on an idea about a city, but CdG's Kyoto. Cedar and incense in perfect harmony that reminds me of some incense sticks my dad brought home last year from a temple he visited during Golden Week. --I cant remember what temple though... If only I could find the postcard from it... Marlen, maybe you know, I recall that the temple is only open to the public during Golden week and that it has a giant statue of the Buddha.

marlen said...

Hey Justin - CDG Kyoto counts! I'm not sure about that temple, Kyoto has about 200 of them and at least 50 of them are famous for one reason or another!

pigeonmom said...

Here is part of my review for Sali Oguri's Pink Manhattan..

"Pink Manhattan instantly transports me back in time to Tokyo circa 1986. Ginza line, Roppongi station, summer, dancing until dawn, Mr. Donut, Royal Host, Air France flight crew, hot British chef, Lexington's, Tokios, Cleo, L'infini, Rise Bar, Pigeon reggae club, Takuhito San. It's incredible that a fragrance can conjure up some of the best times in my life. :-)"

I can't explain how, but it smells
like Tokyo